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  • Mirelle

Mirror mirror on the wall...

Every single day, we look in the mirror. When we brush our teeth, when we get dressed... some do it more than others. But when we do, which we all do, it often elicits various feelings, a myriad of emotions. Sometimes we’re in a rush and it’s purely functional. But those times are few and far between. It mostly goes something like... “hmm, would have been nice if that looked different, if that was bigger, if that wasn’t there...” Truth is, we’re often focusing on what we don’t have, what’s missing. And not on what we do have. We focus on lack, instead of bounty. We are more critical of ourselves than anyone else would ever be. 

Why is that? I believe it’s because our mirrors reflect a whole lot more than the actual reflection. They reflect our disappoints. Mostly in ourselves. And not because we actually were a disappointment. But because we were made to believe that we were. They reflect all the hurtful words directed at us, whether intentional (meant to do harm) or not. Either way, stemming out of the giver’s own mountain of hurt and disappointment. They reflect the endless striving to measure up to society’s take on “perfect”. Which is not only unattainable, but often the exact opposite of true perfection and beauty. They reflect lies. Pure and disgustingly filthy lies.

Honestly, it comes as no surprise. Our enemy is called “the father of lies”. Throughout the ages, that has been the devil’s number one tactic. His master plan. If he can successfully convince us of who we are NOT! We will never become who we have been created to be! So what has he done? He’s taken all our mirrors, and broken them. Not enough for them to fall to pieces. Just enough for them to be full of cracks. Have you ever actually looked into a cracked mirror? The image looking back at you is completely distorted. Your nose is where your left eye is supposed to be. Your mouth is on your ear. It’s all messed up. And when you know that you are looking at a cracked mirror, it’s pretty entertaining. Funny even. But the thing is, most of us don’t know. We don’t realise that the mirror we are looking in, has been broken. So instead of laughing, we believe that the reflection is the truth. But it’s not. It’s not even close. 

So what do we do? How do we fix it. By allowing Jesus to give you a new one. That’s exactly what He did on the cross. He defeated the father of lies. He made all things new. And the only way for that to become our reality, is to spend less time looking in the mirror. And more time looking into His eyes. Filled with a love for you, more powerful, more irrevocable, more uncontainable than you could ever imagine. 

And the more time you spend looking into His eyes, the more those eyes will be what you see when looking in the mirror. Because He. Is. In. You!

By Mirelle

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